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Windows on Wildlife don't boast or claim to be the best, we simply enjoy what we do and what we offer then let our customer testimonials do the talking for us ...

Slideshow images above have all been captured during our harvest mice photography workshops or from our woodland pool hide

Doing things ethically and naturally...

Here at Windows on Wildlife our aim is to do things as naturally as possible, offering minimal disturbance to visiting wildlife ! Even our adorable harvest mice are completely free to do as they wish, never handled nor tempted to perform, they do it simply because a happy mouse is a playful mouse

Windows on Wildlife photography hides & harvest mice photography workshops are held within 18 acres of rural Dorset countryside surrounded by ancient woodland

As seen on BBC Countryfile


Exhibitors Licence No: 149185


Windows on Wildlife are officialy licensed to operate harvest mice photography workshops under the new Animal Welfare act as defined by DEFRA





Fast track for details on our Harvest mice workshops and Woodland pool hide (click below to view)


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